Job Search Help Can Get Results During Holiday Season
Job Search Help Can Get Results During Holiday Season

Companies really do hire employees between Thanksgiving and mid-January. There are a number of reasons why November, December, or January could be luckiest months in the job search for you. You should not pause your job search during the holiday months. Use the holiday season to improve your job search.

The notion that job search gets harder this time of year is a myth. Job search websites such as have sometimes listed more jobs in holiday months than at any other time.

Beat the Competition
If you've heard the theory that businesses don't hire over the holidays, chances are others have heard it as well. By sending out those resumes and calling those employers back, you could get the jump on someone who thinks that the holidays are for sitting around waiting for the next business cycle. In some cases employers receive fewer resumes and job inquiries than they’ve expected this time of year. If holidays result in a lack of job applicants, this can be to your advantage. This can give your resume a better chance to shine.

Take Advantage of Annual Budgeting
The economy remains strong for hiring and many companies are anticipating further growth. Favorable reports make businesses more likely to expand and create new positions. By sending out your resume during December and maintaining your networking contacts throughout the month and beyond, you can take advantage of this moment. New hires may take place during the end of December to provide time for training before the start of the new year.

Use Holiday Cheer to Network for Success
Finding a job is about research and networking and putting yourself out there in a multitude of ways. It’s about interviews and follow-up. Holiday parties, craft nights, or coffee dates abound over the holidays because people want to share the holiday cheer with others. These are all great networking opportunities to catch up with cousins, distant family, and friends you haven't seen in awhile.

More than 50 percent of all job openings are filled through networking rather than through traditional channels. More than ever, the job search is about whom you know. For many people, "networking" is a pain, because they think of it as simply calling up as many people as possible and badgering them for a job. Networking is simply about remembering that you care about people and you care about what you do.

Use the holidays as a reason to connect with people on LinkedIn. “I was thinking of you this holiday season; let’s connect.” Why not?

You can also send holiday greeting cards to network contacts you've made over the past year, wishing them good tidings and thanking them again for their time. This will keep you in their minds and make it more likely that they contact you if a job opens up. This is not outside of the realm of possibility if a business has seen favorable profits and growth over the past year.

We know it's hard to keep looking for that job. Finalizing a job offer may take a bit longer this time of year due to holiday interruptions. But the holiday season is no time to slack off. Maintain your job search momentum. Keep on fighting the good fight. In the mean time, good luck, and may your holidays be joyous, lucrative, and bright!

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